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Vacation Rental Management System (VRM)

Vacation Rental Management System is an easy and powerful property management software focusing on short-term rental businesses.

Easy Boost Your Bookings
Save your time
One-on-one service
Simplify your workload
Make you a 5-star host
Powerful Features To Simplify Your Managing Procedures
Payment Collection
Automatically collect payments for your reservations, according to the rules that you set on each listing.
Smart Pricing
Automatically adjust prices according to your specifications to make OTA’s SEO performance better.
Task Management
Automatically create and assign tasks on specific events based on your settings for each listing. Also, you may create tasks on your tasks on our NATIVE APP like maintenance.
All-in-one Inbox
Collects your conversation from different channels in one place. Whether you received inquiries through a booking channel, email, or SMS. You may answer them via VRM inbox and reply to your guests quickly and accurately.
Revenue Report
Provides a variety of booking-related data and generates different types of reports for viewing. Besides, daily reports that help you to manage your listings’ cleaning status.
Multiple ways for you to change your nightly prices, availabilities, and minimum nights. For example, you may set prices for all weekends in a certain period of time in only one step.

If you are not only a host but also a campany :

Simplify Your Staff Work

Changing bookings, handling refunds, collect payment, assigning tasks… you can outsource tasks to your team members and reduce human errors.

Vacation Rental Management System FAQ
Q1 What is VRM?
Vacation Rental Management is a property management software with multiple channel API integration, which allows you to handle daily issues that managers are faced with when dealing with reservations from multiple rental platforms.
Q2 Who needs VRM?
Any business that manages multiple channel accounts knows pain points of working without professional management software. There are two main user groups: Small Rental Businesses and Personal Hosts. Small Rental Businesses or Personal Hosts normally handle rental portfolios from 2 to 50 Airbnb listings. They would benefit from automating recurring tasks through utilizing tools such as auto message, auto task, and auto payment. By automating these tasks, they can focus more on customer services and expansion of their businesses.
Q3 Why need VRM?
When you decide to start vacation rental business and grows rental portfolio, you soon will realize that it is impossible to continue without using of professional management software. Here are the top reasons why you need VRM:
• One Dashboard for all Accounts
• Boost Your Productivity
• Maximize Listing Exposure
• Know Your Numbers
Feeling interested and ready to boost your bookings?
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